Sleepy Hollow

Origin Digital Studios is currently underway on season 2 of FOX’s wildly popular “Sleepy Hollow”. Below is some of the work we’ve done so far this year.

Winter 2015 Reel

This reel represents the work our talented artists have done throughout the years. Done at many different VFX facilities over the years this reel goes to show the importance of the individual artists in what makes up any facility. We feel we have the best artists in the world.

South of Hell

Origin Set to start VFX work on Eli Roth helmed South of Hell.

Strategic alliance with Fotokem

Origin Digital Studios announces strategic alliance with Fotokem

Babylon Fields

Origin completes VFX on Babylon Fields


Origin completes VFX on Heiroglyphs for Fox
Origin Digital Studios produces visual effects solutions for premier television networks, movie studios, along with production companies, of any size. Origin’s experienced team of visual effects artists, producers, and leadership collaborates with clients from the project’s inception throughout the creative process. Origin has brought together a dynamic team since launching during the summer 2014, led by President Mark Miller and Lincoln Road. The partnership between Origin Digital Studios and our clients is designed to serve the creative needs of the storytelling process. Origin Digital Studio provides creative support through previs, personal consultation, video production services, budgeting and financial models in the early stages. Our team is available to work on-set throughout client productions and secure the plates and materials that are necessary to make the project a success in post-production. Origin offers our clients a digital roadmap that has been created and refined founded on many years of experience and guidance from studios, directors, 3D animation animators and artists, which have presented the most effective tools and systems for success. This allows our team to serve larger scale projects with urgency and proficiency. The artists and supervisors are then freed up to concentrate on the top priorities: their project and their shots. Origin Digital Studios is proud to highlight some of our work, including work on Fox’s second season of the popular “Sleepy Hollow.” This is a new spin on the classic 18th century story of Ichabod Crane, who is now resurrected to take on the Headless Horseman. A sample of our work is displayed on our Vimeo channel. Origin has also completed work on Fox pilot, “Babylon Fields.” Origin Digital Studios also provided VFX contributions to the Fox 2014 pilot “Hieroglyph,” which included concept design, set extensions, blue screen compositing, and production fixes. We have also started VFX production on Eli Roth helmed South of Hell. Our Burbank, California studio location has also announced a strategic alliance with Fotokem. This allows our clients to send us plates with ease and quickly. Our New York studio is fiber connected to the Fotokem network, which allows us to easily transport information to our Burbank studio. All of Origin’s future locations will also have this ability as our New York studio. Most other mid-level visual effects companies do not have this type of luxury. Origin Digital Studios continues to give the highest level of quality and service to our clients.